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Join as a Staff Member

There are three main types of adult staff in the Air Training Corps.

There are officers commissioned in the Royal Air Force Air Cadets (RAFAC).  These are officers with normal civilian jobs who give up some of their spare time to run the ATC. They hold ranks from Pilot Officer up to Wing Commander and can be distinguished from regular officers by the “Royal Air Force Air Cadets” flashes over their rank insignia.

Supporting the RAFAC officers are Adult Non-commissioned Officers (NCOs) who hold the rank of  Sergeant, Flight Sergeant or Warrant Officer. Their duties are often connected with with drill and discipline. They wear normal RAF uniform, but with the letters “Royal Air Force Air Cadets” below their rank insignia.

There are also a large number of Civilian Instructors (CIs) who as their name would suggest are civilians who give up their spare time to instruct and supervise cadets. As they are civilians they have no uniform or rank markings.  Without CIs the squadron would not be able to function, they are the live blood of the Squadron.

There is one other form of adult staff referred to as Service Instructors. These are regular members of the armed forces who give up their spare time to help run the ATC.

All adult staff are fully vetted by Headquarters Air Cadets and there is more information on their website

The initial route to join as adult staff is normally as a Civilian Instructor. If you think that this is for you please fill in the below form, and the Squadron Adjutant will be contact to arrange a meeting at the Squadron to discuss this further with the Commanding Officer.