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1824 Squadron


The Air Cadet Organisation provides access to many other exciting activities that are both fun to take part in and provide skills and abilities that will prove useful in later life.

Complete a DofE Award Expedition?

From the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme to the Junior Leader’s programme, there are a wide range of activities on offer to help you develop new skills and abilities such as teamwork and leadership. Each Squadron has a training programme that is designed to provide engaging, fun and structured activities. This programme will allow you to get the most out of the Air Cadet Organisation.

As you spend more time in the Air Cadet Organisation you will be given the opportunity to gain qualifications such as BTEC’s in Public Services or Leadership Management certificates.

Make New Friends?

As an Air Cadet you are part of one of the largest uniformed youth organisations in the United Kingdom.

The Air Cadet Organisation has over 50,000 members (40,000 Air Training Corps cadets and 10,000 Combined Cadet Force cadets). With an Air Cadet Squadron in most towns and cities you are a member of one of the largest uniformed youth groups in the United Kingdom. Don’t worry if you don’t know anyone when you first join, you will soon make friends with those who join at the same time as you.

The Air Cadet Organisation provides many different opportunities to meet and make new friends with Air Cadets from all across the United Kingdom. You may even be lucky enough to spend time with members of other Air Cadet forces from all over the world!

Did you go flying or gliding?

As an Air Cadet you will have the opportunity to fly and glide in a variety of aircraft; from small training aircraft to the Royal Air Force’s latest transport aircraft.

The Air Cadet Organisation offers each cadet the opportunity to go flying or gliding at least once a year. This can be in a wide variety of aircraft including one of the Air Cadet Organisation’s own glider fleet. Flying and gliding is one of most exciting of the core activities offered by the Air Cadets and the Royal Air Force play a key part in providing each cadet with memories that they will never forget!
At the age of sixteen you can even apply for various scholarships with the Air Cadets and Royal Air Force meaning you may have the opportunity to fly an aeroplane solo before you can even drive a car!